Market Update

Rice Quotes – April 11th, 2007

Details for Lot
Product : Rice
Variety :  
Origin : Pakistan
Brand Name : upon requested
Packing : 1-50kg
Marking : upon requested
Quality : premium – any upon requested, to export standard
Quantity : min 1 container of 20ft
Payment Tem : L/C at sight OR Usance L/C of up to 90 days
Note : Packaging Configuration (Required): Other
Chemical And Physical Properties Microbiological Properties
Standard Plate Count : (100 gm) Moisture 14%
Carbohydrate (gm) 79.8 Fat (Total) :
Protein (gm) 6.2 Fat (Saturated) :
Fiber 0.6 Total D
Vitamin B1 (mg) 0.1  
Vitamin B2 (mg) 0.4
Rice Quality
with Normal Polish
Broken Price per M/T
Super Kernel Basmati (New) 2-3% 540 Prompt
Super Kernel Basmati (Old) 2-3% 570 Prompt
Basmati PK-385 2-3% 440 Prompt
PK-386 White Rice 2-3% 380 Prompt
Basmati D-98 2-3% 390 Prompt
IRRI-9, Long Grain (white) 5% 295 Prompt
IRRI-9, Parboiled Rice 5% 315 Prompt
IRRI-6, Long Grain (white) 15-20% 222 Prompt
IRRI-6, Long Grain (white) 25% 219 Prompt

Prices are valid up to : April 22nd, 2007. (Subject to Re-confirmation)
The above prices are tentative & based on New Crop in 50kg single polypropylene bag packing.
Please Note :

  • Also available in Double polypropylene/single jute/double jute/cotton or jute bags (with handle)
    in 20kg, 10kg, 5kg, 2kg and 1kg besides polythene packing for 1 and 2 kg.
  • Specific prices can be obtained for Double polished/silky polished/different broken percentages
    and with/without color sortex.

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