Quality Control

SF Commodities has professional, highly qualified technicians to adhere to strict quality control measures. The R & D department is constantly developing new techniques and processes to further improve the quality of rice that is packed and sent all over the world. The modern machinery used in the manufacturing process and the computerized lab with sophisticated R & D equipment help us in achieving our organizational goal- to give the best quality basmati to our customers all over the world. It is this endeavor for the perfect quality that makes SF Commodities a world leader in Basmati Rice with a commanding potential in the highly competitive market.

Single-grain Rice Inspector

The model RN-500 rice inspector shines light on each individual grain of brown rice and polished rice in a sample to determine the color of the grain based on transparencyand reflection and employs a line image sensor to determine the grain’s shape characteristics in order to separate the sample into 5 classes. The RN-500 has the capability of inspecting a sample of 1000 grains of brown rice in approximately 80 seconds. And in addition to displaying the percentages of even, cracked immature, discolored and dead grain. This information can also be recorded using an optional printer.

Rice Whiteness Testers

Whiteness testers are used to measure the whiteness of powder and rice samples by shining light on the sample and determining the amount of light reflected. As the purity of food products may often be a function of their whiteness, this is an important factor to measure.Where a relationship exists between the purity of a product and its whiteness, this tester is an effective and efficient quality control tool. These instruments are often used in measuring the effect of production processes, especially during refining.

Moisture Tester

Rice Miller Tester I

Rice Miller Tester II

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