Our customers get the best quality from us as we take all the necessary measures to preserve the natural quality of Basmati rice. Proper time is provided to our quality basmati rice to flourish and attain the best aroma and flavor, for which the Basmati is renowned world over.

We ensure best & consistent quality through various checks during the process. it begins with purchase of paddy. Quality checks at this stage confirms.

  1. Moisture
  2. Foreign grains
  1. Average length
  2. Broken %age

Processing Paddy

The basmati paddy is procured from the region where the soil composition is rich and unique with the climate especially conducive. This gives Basmati delicate texture, flavour and aroma.


Milling starts with the cleaning of rice. This is a multi-step process where foreign material like straws, mud balls, threads, stones, paddy and metal particles are removed from the rice. High performance pre cleaners and classifiers are used to achieve great accuracy in feeding a purified rice to the later processes.

Paddy Separator

The rice after hulling process still contains about 10-15% of paddy kernels. Once the rice mixed with 10-15% paddy is fed onto the separating trays. It is given special sideway motions as it rolls down towards the lower front end of the separating trays. This separates the rice from the paddy kernels.


Rice is a delicate grain; requires extra care in processing. Any rough handling during processing can cause the grains to break or develop cracks. At SFC’s plant, rice is gently milled in whitening machines in several passes to ensure efficient removal of bran. Number of passes depends upon the degree of whiteness required.

Silky Polisher

Furthermore, rice is allowed to pass through mist polishers which impart an extremely clean and glossy white appearance to the kernels, a distinct advantage over traditional milling methods.

Length Grader

In the length grading process, at first the machines separates the broken & pinpoint, and maintains the percentage of broken raw rice. We make sure that the each grain of rice delivered to our customers, is of the highest quality, every grain is ensured to retain one size.


The high resolution SORTEX Z+ monochromatic machine is the most efficient sorter for long, medium and short grain rice processing applications. The SORTEX Z+ consists of a wide range of machine models ideally suited to the processing capacities of small and large processors.

Weighing Scale

After all the processing at the plant, a computerized weighting scale weights each bag filled up with rice is weighed and the required amount is then sealed up and dispatched. The bags come in various sizes and materials, namingly Jute bags, Cotton & PP bags.

Final Inspection

Each bag is packed and inspected under strict quality control conditions by qualified trained staff before it leaves the mill premises.