Our Services

The most important aspect in rice manufacturing is the quality control. Stringent quality control is essential to meet the highest quality and the taste that our brands strive for.



1.~Rice Specification

In order to provide the rice with the specifications required by our customers, our rice will be certified by 1 Governmental institutions in Pakistan. Moreover, you can also have rice inspected by any international Surveyors of your choice. Therefore you can rest assured that you will receive only the products you desire.



Since our rice has been processed with the latest technology and under strict control, you can be certain that the quality of our rice has reached the highest possible international standard.



Due to our clean and hygienic packaging process with the durable containers, you will not experience damaged goods upon delivery.



  1. Given our 20 years experience in Pakistan, we are able to provide you with the best rice at the best price.
  2. Since we have our own rice mill, we are able to reduce the number the middlemen, reduce our trading cost and keep the price of our products low.
  3. Besides the export market, we also have large monthly orders from the customers in the domestic market. Therefore, we have a high purchasing power to negotiate.
  4. Since we desire on a long term business with our customer.