Pulses and daals are extremely nutritious and healthy, being a major source of proteins. Our variety includes rajma (baked beans), masoor, moong, arhar, urad, channa and toor daal. Our daals adhere to the highest standards of quality. They retain their delicious flavor and do not lose their appetizing color, texture and aroma.

Green Moong Bean & Yellow Moong Daal

It’s world’s best quality Moong Bean. It grows largely in the provinces of Punjab, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. We provide you with the best quality of Moong Bean, in buyer requested packings of PP bags.

We have the following qualities of Moong Beans and Daals
  • Moong Bean Peshawar Bold
  • Moong Bean Peshawar Small
  • Moong Bean Punjab Bold
  • Moong Bean Sindh
  • Moong Daal Peshawar Bold
  • Moong Daal Peshawar Small
  • Moong Daal Punjab SQ
  • Moong Daal Sindh SQ

Masoor Daal

Masoor Daal (Red lentil) belongs to the bean seeds family. We offer you the best in quality; best in size, taste and freshness. For many years, we have been supplying and exporting Red Lentil Split in bulk quantities to all over Pakistan and abroad.

Toor Daal

We have world’s best, nutritious Toor bean. We are the exporters of Toor and also offering it to all international markets.

Daal Channa

We provide best quality of daal channa produced in Pakistan. Daal channa is exported though-out the world and is very famous for its taste, we provide this daal in 50 Kgs PP Bags.

Maash Daal

Black Matpe Split (Maash Daal) is the specialty of our company. We are the major suppliers of Black Mapte Split (Maash Daal) in Pakistan. In addition we are exporting it to different parts of the world.

Kabuli Channa

Chickpeas grow in different parts of the world. In Pakistan, its finest quality grows largely in the province of Sindh. We are offering it worldwide in bulk quality and PP Bags Packings.

Kala Channa

World’s best quality Tyson Chickpeas grow in Punjab, Pakistan. There is no competitor to them in taste. We export whole and split chickpeas in bulk and in 50 Kgs PP bags.

Moth Bean Sibbi

We have world’s best, nutritious Moth Bean. We are supplying and exporting Moth Bean all over Pakistan and to the world in PP Bags.